Prayer to Stay Employed When Termination Looms

One of the most frightening prospects is losing your employment due to either errors of your own or a miscommunication, which puts you in a negative light. You may be unfairly blamed for some action, which you are completely innocent of due to mismanagement. I understand. Losing a job, not knowing where your next paycheck will come from must be frightening.

There was a time I went almost a year and a half unemployed. Being in that situation does something to your psyche and self worth. You need not be alone.

You have God. You have the power of prayer. I created this prayer today after a loved one told me he was at risk of losing his job. His ultimate goal is for God’s will to be done, but you may wonder, “I can’t afford for His Will to be done in this situation.” I get you. I understand.

This prayer was written with you in mind to St. Joseph, so he may intercede on your behalf.

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I Fall for the Same Sin

Based on the title I should add, “And I Hate It.”

I have no excuse for the sins I struggle with to be quite frank with you. Perhaps the only commentary I can add is that so much of our culture normalizes egregious behavior that even the smaller things seem not to be “so bad” in comparison to the larger things, but I know better. I also feel as if though I’m letting down Our Lady of Guadalupe and God, because they’re trying and I turn away.

I didn’t know what to do, so I looked for advice and found this great article:

St. Maximilian on Serious Sin

When doing a google search there were a lot of great resources from a Protestant perspective and the only reason I didn’t share them was because I worried any of the information relayed may have gone against official church teaching. I do however, think it was a great starting point when wanting to learn why we fall so easily in terms of grave sins.

I felt called to write prayers and decided to write this particular prayer for anyone who struggles with any sin that weighs heavily upon their soul and sense of well being. Please feel free to use this prayer in your time of need.

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People Don’t Know What Hero Means Anymore

I came across this link, because I’m a Lily Allen fan on facebook.

Hero Woman Refuse to Be Shamed After Her Public Threesome Goes Viral

We really need to take the word Hero back. Not everything you do, can be considered heroic. It seems the only thing the writer and I can agree on is that it’s wrong to only shame the woman in the video. They were all disgusting for thinking their physical desires gave them the right to essentially create a public porno. All three of them decided to have sex in a public space. They all exhibited classless behavior and the woman allowed herself to be treated like a prostitute for concert tickets. They’re all a joke.

In the video where she defends herself, she still behaves in a classless manner.


Why should she behave with any dignity or think about how such a thing continues to sexualize women? Why should she worry about the fact that young teen girls are beginning to believe that trading nude pictures online is safe and normal? Why should she worry that these same teen girls later become upset and commit suicide once there photos are released? Why does she think inserting a cucumber in her mouth in her YouTube video, in a sexualized manner and grabbing her breasts in some shape or form makes her more interesting, cute, funny?

It’s because our society celebrates such behavior.

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Heaven Is a Place On Earth

It would make sense to start my very first post about what eventually made me confirm. There were a variety of factors, but the one constant was my desire to ensure salvation-namely Heaven.

Now as I was learning more about the faith, prior to that I thought Heaven was a place. I was told by my boyfriend I had an elementary understanding of Heaven, as Heaven was not a place but a STATE OF BEING.




Prior to fully joining the church in my mind Heaven was a place with fluffy clouds, lions on fluffy clouds, lots of harps, and maybe a portion of Supernatural’s explanation of Heaven. Not particularly sophisticated, but I imagined a place with a lot of happiness, clouds, chocolate and maybe a big enough house for me and any cats or dogs I want. Especially my cats. I also really enjoyed the idea of perhaps reading scrolls and finding out more about mysteries of this lifetime. The scroll concept was taught to me by a New Age philosopher, who I no longer ascribe too.

It boggled my mind to think Heaven was not a place and the idea of it being a state of being reminded me greatly of Eastern philosophy, namely Nirvana.

As a result I continued RCIA classes and recently looked up articles. I found the following to be the most helpful:

Will there be sex and marriage in Heaven?

What is Heaven?

Knowing this, and God forgive me, but the idea of Heaven also terrifies me. My relationship with Jesus was not formed overnight. I had a fairly strong relationship with God and wasn’t aware one should have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This being another story, for another time. However, the thought of being in God’s presence and wanting to worship him and be in full communion frightened me. Why? I wonder what happens if I at one point I get bored or start to equate full worship and communion as a sort of totalitarian state. Do I let go of my friends, my loved ones, and everyone to simply be in His Grace? Worse, what if I’m not simply fit for Heaven? Which, is why I found the idea of absolute fulfillment amazing and perplexing. The concept is so wonderful, yet so indescribable that no matter how expansive my imagination, I can’t picture it clearly without simply wanting more. It’s materialistic, but this type of happiness is something that is meant to surround us 24/7. I’ve felt true joy. I’m happy now. But absolute fulfillment? That’s interesting.

Heaven is principally a state of utter and absolute fulfillment. In the possession of God in the beatific vision the blessed will experience what cannot be put into words; a radical union with God that transcends anything we could envisage.

-Tim Staples

That’s all I have to go on. I don’t think I can comprehend that. I know God is love. I know I want to experience Heaven. I’m afraid I won’t love enough. I’m afraid I’ll miss my cats Isis and Oreo. I’m afraid I’m not good enough, but I know for a fact I don’t want to go to Hell. Hell signifies being separated from God forever. I can’t fathom that.

As a result I will pray for you, for me, and anyone tonight who is boggled by the concept of Heaven. I may never fully understand Heaven or how such a thing operates, but ultimately I want what’s best for us.

-St. Anthony pray for us.