When I came back to the Catholic Church, I was worried I would lose my identity. I do not claim to be an expert theologian and am still learning about the faith as I continue to grow. This has never been an easy feat and there are times I fall and times I am able to fight whatever holds me back.

When I am not posting/writing about my own personal journey with my faith, I tend to obsess over soccer and have begun a new hobby-drawing. I love to post those on Instagram as I hope to improve overtime. Eventually, I’d like to draw many of the photos on this blog, but I believe for now I simply need to learn how to draw and shade properly. Drawing is not easy, my friend.

Locally, I’m a supporter of the Houston Dash and Dynamo. On an international level, when it comes to soccer, I’m a big supporter of the USMNT & USWNT in addition to el Selección Nacional de México. There are certain international players I like and certain international teams I may root for when the US and Mexico are out of the picture, but Mexico and the US tend to stay my favorite.

As I’m learning and growing as a Catholic I invite you along to be a witness to my journey.