I Fall for the Same Sin

Based on the title I should add, “And I Hate It.”

I have no excuse for the sins I struggle with to be quite frank with you. Perhaps the only commentary I can add is that so much of our culture normalizes egregious behavior that even the smaller things seem not to be “so bad” in comparison to the larger things, but I know better. I also feel as if though I’m letting down Our Lady of Guadalupe and God, because they’re trying and I turn away.

I didn’t know what to do, so I looked for advice and found this great article:

St. Maximilian on Serious Sin

When doing a google search there were a lot of great resources from a Protestant perspective and the only reason I didn’t share them was because I worried any of the information relayed may have gone against official church teaching. I do however, think it was a great starting point when wanting to learn why we fall so easily in terms of grave sins.

I felt called to write prayers and decided to write this particular prayer for anyone who struggles with any sin that weighs heavily upon their soul and sense of well being. Please feel free to use this prayer in your time of need.

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